Our Story

Playful jewellery with purpose
A big supporter of women inspiring women, our purpose is to create playful jewellery with a positive message and designed for everyday wear. 
Each piece of jewellery, intended to be gifted with love and sentiment, is thoughtfully made with the wearer in mind. 
Standalone pieces or stack ‘em high
Each item can be worn alone for a minimal look or layered up to reflect an individual style—each layer representing a different memory, occasion or story to tell.
Accessible collections
Produced using quality gold and silver plating, accessibility is key. Junk Jewels isn’t limited to a ‘type’ of woman, style or budget.

Junk Jewels bridges the gap between fine and costume jewellery, creating designs for every occasion.
The Junk Jewels way
Junk Jewels is not a fast-fashion label—we don’t create new collections every season—instead, these are small collections made up of items with longevity.
For more information about keeping your Jewels looking fresh, visit our care guide here.
So, where did it all begin?
Junk Jewels is the creation of Zoe Lindsley and born out of a passion for collecting vintage jewellery and beautiful objects with a story behind them.
As a fashion student, Zoe often made jewellery and accessories to help style her outfits. In 2005, she decided to start selling her designs.
Starting out with a stall at London’s world-famous Portobello Road market—a breeding ground for creative start-ups—each item was hand-made by Zoe, often using intricate found items deemed as ‘junk’ and turning them into beautiful wearable jewels, Junk Jewels.
Since then, the brand has been featured in Cosmopolitan, LOOK, Vogue.com, The Guardian’s Weekend magazine, The Times and worn by celebrities including Fearne Cotton, Taylor Swift and Pixie Lott.
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